We have had an exceptional 2019 that is marked by the company’s first full operational year since opening its doors in 2018.  The company grew in customer base, supplier connections and employees that support the operations and delivery of high-quality products to our Customers.  This month’s blog focuses on the latest happenings in medical devices, a look back on our year and why I chose to hop back into medical device manufacturing.


It’s likely that most of you reading this have a sense that the sale of medical devices around the world are predicted to reach $800 billion by the year 2030, with the US leading the world market with more than $180 billion.  While ClearPath Medical’s core focus are Class II and III medical devices, we are keeping a close pulse on devices and companies that are playing an increasingly important role in providing digital healthcare solutions, using Internet of Things (IoT) along with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. We are delivering to the current state of medical trends and remain excited to see what the future will bring us.  We are seeing our Customers and Prospects weave in IoT into smart diagnostic devices like cardiac and blood pressure monitors.  For that, we are ramping up our production, supply and support lines to support global IoT medical device business that will be worth almost $63.43 billion by 2023.


We hit the ground running in 2019 by solidifying key supplier relationships in addition to the solid base we already had.  We have added personnel in our administrative, customer service, IT and most importantly- manufacturing to support production of a variety of critical care medical devices, from Electrocardiogram applications to Electrophysiology applications. As new projects have come online, we have added key equipment, such as sequenced rotary strip machines and laser stripping. Lastly, we have broadened our standard tooling to include yoke transitions and a unique mold insert system that permits prototyping with shortened lead times.


For those of you that don’t know me, I founded a medical device manufacturing company called Affinity Medical Technologies over 20 years ago that grew tremendously and was built on the philosophy that Customers always came first.  After supporting the industry for 15 years, I had the opportunity of selling to a well-respected publicly traded company in 2012.  I embraced retirement in full stride, embarking on overseas travel and catching up on quality time with my family.  In 2018, I had the opportunity to partner with Matt Pathmajeyan in his venture to create ClearPath Medical.  Having already founded a similar organization, it was my honor and privilege to work alongside Matt to develop what is already a highly respected and responsive organization that serves the medical device industry.  Matt was a key member of my team at Affinity Medical and as such, developed his own reputation as a highly qualified and creative engineer, designer and problem solver.

Bringing together former Affinity Medical teammates, Derik Larson and Candy Golding helped spearhead and bring to life an organization that has developed its own set of impressive capabilities and the creation of a solid quality system. Together, this leadership team has a very solid understanding of the requirements of partnering with OEM medical device companies and their experience in working together allows for a completely smooth transfer of information.  I take extreme pride in the responsive, unique, and ethical approach we offer our prospective and current customer base.

The achievement of ISO 13485 certification, FDA registration as a Medical device Manufacturer and establishment of a world class manufacturing facility in Orange, CA are but a few of the many items that have been accomplished in the past year.  I look forward to shaping the future of healthcare and medical devices alongside this team at ClearPath Medical.

I encourage you to give the team at ClearPath Medical the opportunity to discuss your interconnect requirements and provide you with the quality and service you expect from a medical device assembly supplier. And looking into 2020, it is the team’s goal to create an experience that is of ‘perfect vision’ to their customers and prospects.


Mary Phillipp


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