Strategic Relationships for Custom Cable Assemblies & Connectors

Custom Cable Assemblies & Connectors

Building upon strategic relationships with many key suppliers allows us to select appropriate raw materials and components to meet or exceed your requirements.

Our partners may benefit from utilizing standard ClearPath Medical tooling which will help to expedite development lead time.

We provide a transparent, planned project schedule, addressing all regulatory requirements in a simplified development process to deliver you a high-quality medical device system.

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Design & Development

Our primary goal is to help our customers achieve the best product performance possible; we make you the centerpiece of our business.

One-on-one collaboration alongside your team generates an optimal design outcome for product performance, reliability, and overall manufacturing efficiency.

Connector ‘neutral’ to meet performance requirements.

Leverage off-the-shelf connectors or engage us to design a custom interconnect for your application.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is in our blood.

Decades of deep mold tool design knowledge can be relayed into your project, as this is the key area for achieving streamlined production and high mechanical performance.

Development of strategic supplier relationships.

Key relationships have been built to suit mixed-technology for low-to-high volume applications in order to maintain scalability.

Experience in selecting unsurpassed materials.

Our selection of unique materials and components meet demanding healthcare environments while maintaining necessary requirements such as biocompatibility, disinfection, sterilization, and ingress protection.

Development and execution of protocols.

Take advantage of our in-house and/or external lab testing related to Design Verification Testing (DVT).

Design and development process at ClearPath Medical
A guided process for medical cable design

Process Management

Following a guided decision-making approach limits exposure to potential pitfalls that are associated with other forms of subjective “gut feel” processes out there today.

From project start to finish, we provide complete Risk Based Process Management from Design to Qualification and Verification for your peace of mind.

Process Design

• PFMEA performed to each specific assembly

• Design of Experiments: We characterize process parameters that affect critical-to-quality and critical-to-function criteria

Process Qualification

• Installation qualification is provided for all new equipment

• Operational qualification to challenge processes affecting critical-to-quality and critical-to-function criteria

• Capability analysis

Continued Process Verification

• Calibration and Gage R&R: Test method and instrument qualification for any inspection device making a product determination

• Process controls in place for on-going verification throughout all phases of the manufacturing process (ie., crimp tests, pull tests, etc.)

• 100% finished goods electrical test and inspection. All products leaving our facility have passed this benchmark, delivering high-quality, reliable finished goods delivered to you.

Product Realization

Maintaining a lean manufacturing culture and robust Quality system creates the opportunity to exceed your specifications.

Precise Connections

Solder and crimp terminations in compliance with IPC-610/620 and J-Standard.

Robust Mechanical Strength

Depending upon your product’s environmental requirements and life cycles, we offer both insert and injection molding options that provide robust mechanical strength for application use.

For more delicate and intricate components, like PCBs, we provide encapsulation and ultrasonic welding.

Accurate Assembly

For each project, we design specific processes custom to your product, along with fixtures and manufacturing aids that eliminate operator dependency.

Our staff has insight into how the product should be built at each step, resulting in the delivery of highly reliable products to you.

Focused Scheduling

Specific to your demands, our scalable model allows us to move alongside your schedule and meet delivery requirements.

Disciplined Lot Tracking

You’ll get transparency from the start, which begins with incoming raw material Lot and Batch inspection through finished good shipment.

Fully integrated Quality Management System (QMS)

Seamlessly transition into our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. An overall improvement in quality and compliance allows us to standardize processes and workflows and creates consistently applied quality processes across all our projects.

ISO Certified

To view our ISO Certification, visit ISO 13485-2016 Certified.

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