Meet the ClearPath Medical Leadership Team

We’re hardworking, love a good challenge and easy to talk to. Most importantly – we’re excited to start working with you!

Matt Pathmajeyan, ClearPath Medical

Matt Pathmajeyan

Matt has more than 20 years’ experience in medical device development and manufacturing. He has a passion for simplifying the development process by breaking down complex engineering challenges into manageable tasks.

With a strong background in medical device development, Matt helps to navigate regulatory requirements to ensure successful, on-time product launches.

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Mary Phillipp, ClearPath Medical

Mary Phillipp

Mary brings over 30 years’ experience in medical device corporate leadership as well as finance and sales. Creating happy customers is Mary’s mantra; consistently exceeding expectations is her hallmark.

With her industry knowledge and track record, Mary helps ClearPath Medical’s customers find the best solution possible.

Derik Larson, ClearPath Medical

Derik Larson

Derik has almost 20 years’ experience leading Quality for medical device and Healthcare/Lifescience companies. Derik believes quality is the best business plan, and focuses a sharp lens onto critical-to-quality areas that are meaningful for ClearPath Medical’s customers.

Working alongside all departments, Derik creates the path for successful product builds that match customer expectations from concept to post-production.

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