What Establishes A Successful Partnership

There are several key attributes when it comes to establishing a successful partnership between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and outsourced Medical Cable Assemblies. Below is a compilation of some of the most notable indicators of a successful partnership.

Design for Manufacturing Expertise

One of the most impactful measures of a successful partnership is the understanding of Design for Manufacturing practices. Experience is typically what separates the most effective manufacturers from the rest.

Design for Manufacturing is the practice of optimizing parts, components, and products to maximize quality while minimizing costs. This process typically occurs during the product design phase and acts as an extension of the OEM’s design team to help with optimization.

Impactful traits of a design for manufacture partner are as follows:

  1.       Optimizing to reduce defects.
  2.       Cost-efficiency.
  3.       Transparent and communicative on all fronts.

When performed effectively, the DFM process will significantly reduce production lead times and ensure a high-quality product.

Production Adaptability

An OEM’s production needs are often subject to rapid change that is caused by the demand and market conditions. Naturally, the most successful relationships between OEM’s and their partners are built on the ability to quickly pivot production to a smaller or larger scale.

Regardless of a company’s size and complexity, successful collaboration is dependent on the resources and expertise manufactures offer an OEM.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

Quality should be at the forefront of any manufacturing process and is especially the case with medical cable assemblies. Maintaining exceptionally strict standards through quality assurance and proper certification is vital to meeting an OEM’s needs.

Some of the most fundamental characteristics OEM’s look for regarding quality are:

  1.       Being FDA and ISO-certified.
  2.       Following environmental guidelines such as RoHS and REACH.
  3.       Having a proven track record of producing high-quality products.

Supplying a solid QMS track record proves to OEMs that they can rely on a trusted and high-quality partner that meets their specifications.

Cost-Efficiency and Supply Chain Management

To maintain a profitable, successful, and sustainable business, OEM’s value their partner to be cost-efficient. Being cost-efficient usually involves decreasing procurement costs and improving efficiencies on all pieces of the project.

Two key features that OEMs look for when reducing costs and increasing profits:

  1.     Competitive pricing.
  2.     Cost-saving solutions without sacrificing quality.

An excellent supply chain is built by a combination of several practices and resourcefulness. As the medical device industry continues to evolve, it is common for most manufacturers to deal with longer lead times and supply chain issues. A partner with a streamlined supply chain system is less likely to worry about lead times and other issues and is able to quickly manufacture the OEM’s needs as quickly as possible.

Qualities that show good supply chain processes:

  1.     Time management.
  2.     Good lead times.
  3.     Quality parts at a lower cost.
  4.     Strong connections and authority.

A partner with a solid supply chain process is a partner who is trustworthy and reliable to work with for projects. Handling the logistics of obtaining products from the factory to their clients’ customers while offering efficient and cost-effective supply chain solutions solidifies a trustworthy partnership.

Flexibility and Customization

Not all cables will have the same design, so another factor of an established partnership is a manufacturer who is flexible and customizable. A partner with custom-cable assemblies’ capabilities will have the expertise to meet the OEMs unique specifications.

Customization capabilities are:

  1.     Transparent.
  2.     Planned with a proper project schedule.
  3.     Addressing regulatory requirements in a simplified development process.

Having a flexible partner with capabilities to create custom medical cable assemblies provides high-quality medical devices for OEMs.

Wrapping Things Up 

There are many key attributes that OEM’s must consider when choosing a partner to work on their next medical cable assembly. OEM’s want design for manufacturing, production adaptability, quality assurance, cost-efficiency, supply chain management, flexibility, and customization. Having these qualities ensures a successful, long-term relationship.

Looking for your next partner? ClearPath Medical has the expertise to meet all requirements for any OEM.  We are here to help bring success to your next medical cable assembly project. Learn more about our capabilities here or contact us to get you started.

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